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When I was 15 I got my first camera. I was instantly hooked. The feeling of freezing time and ideas appealed to me. I read alot about photography and did alot of experimenting. I then turned my camera towards the music scene. I spent years photographing musicians and creating multimedia shows for live events. During this time I went to school for photography and gained an even deeper love for the art of using a camera. I also started to develop a style.

During this time I could also be heard stating how I was uninterested in doing portrait and wedding work. I didn’t see the artistic value of doing that kind of work. How quick the tongue of youth! Today, while I still do many “art” photographs, art festivals and generally try to be creative, I find that most of the photos I take are of families and children. I have learned I can capture energy and empower the subject. The smile and happiness generated through a energetic portrait gives as much of a thrill as creating any art peice.

I think somewhere between the fine art studio portrait and the snap shot by a family member is where a truly magical and telling photograph can occur. Photographs are not just pretty representations of what we look like, they can be visual milestones in development and say something about who we are. I try to make a connection when behind the camera. When a connection is made a simple portrait can transcend in to art.

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